Use Godowns / Locations for Inventory Storage in TallyPrime Accounting Software

If you are using more than one location, bin, rack, cabinet, and so on, create Godowns/Locations in TallyPrime to track your inventory. Similarly, if you keep inventory in different projects or maintain raw materials and finished goods in separate locations, Godowns/Locations will serve the purpose.

After you have created a Godown/Location, you can allocate inventory to the godowns of your choice, including the default godown Main Location.

TallyPrime helps you to see the details of the materials at the top level as well as at each individual level, in a hierarchy of godowns.

For example,

you can simply create Godown-A, Godown-B, and Godown -C, or you can create Southern Region, with Godown-A and Godown-B under it, and Eastern Region, with Godown-C and Godown-D under it. Then, you can get the total inventory in Southern Region, and the inventory in Godown-B.

1.      Create Godowns / Locations (as per given structure) in TallyPrime

Southern Region

Eastern Region

To start allocating your stock items in godowns, you need to create a godown first.

  1. Gateway of Tally > Create > select Godowns > press Enter.

Alternatively, Alt+G (Go To) > Create Master >type or select Godowns > press Enter.

When you create a Godown/Location in TallyPrime for the first time, you are prompted to alter the existing internal godown (Main Location), where all your inventory is stored by default (keep it as usal).

  • Under:
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a. Select Primary or Main Location in case of Southern Region & Eastern Region.

b. Select Southern Region in Case of Godown-A & Godown-B

c. Select Eastern Region in Case of Godown-C & Godown-D



2.      Allocate Stock Items to Godowns/Locations in TallyPrime

Once you have created the required locations, you can allocate your stock items to one or more locations.

Example :

Following Items and goods are lying in there respective Godowns as on 01/04/2020 (Opening Balance)

Name of ItemsGodown AllocationsOpening Qty.RateOpening Value
Laptop ACER 4720ZGodown-A4 Pcs35,0001,40,000
 Godown-B3 Pcs35,0001,05,000
 Godown-C6 Pcs35,0002,10,000
 Total13 Pcs  
Anti-Virus NortonGodown-A20 Pcs80016,000
 Godown-B10 Pcs8008,000
 Godown-D5 Pcs8004,000
 Total35 Pcs  
Desktop Lenovo K200Godown-B4 Pcs30,0001,20,000
 Godown-C2 Pcs30,00060,000
 Godown-D5 Pcs30,0001,50,000
 Total11 Pcs  
TallyPrime SilverGodown-A10 Pcs15,0001,50,000
 Godown-C5 Pcs15,00075,000
 Godown-D8 Pcs15,0001,20,000
 Total23 Pcs  
  1. Open the Stock Item Allocation screen.
  2. To allocate the opening balance of your stock, in the Stock Item Alteration screen, select Opening Balance and press Enter
  3. To allocate stock items during voucher entry, in the Voucher Creation screen, select the stock item and press Enter.
    A sample Stock Item Allocation screen is as shown.


3.      Transfer Inventory Between Godowns/Locations in TallyPrime

You can move your stock from one Godown/Location to another using Stock Journals.

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Example :

Transfer the followings Items in-between Godowns as given …

Name of ItemsIn-between GodownsQty.
Laptop ACER 4720ZGodown-A to Dodown-D2 Pcs
 Godown-B to Dodown-C5 Pcs
 Godown-C to Dodown-A2 Pcs
Anti-Virus NortonGodown-A to Dodown-C10 Pcs
 Godown-B to Dodown-C5 Pcs
Desktop Lenovo K200Godown-A to Dodown-A2 Pcs
 Godown-D to Dodown-C2 Pcs
TallyPrime SilverGodown-A to Dodown-B5 Pcs
 Godown-C to Dodown-B2 Pcs
 Godown-D to Dodown-C3 Pcs
  1. Gateway of Tally > Vouchers > Alt+F7 (Stock Journal).
  2. Alternatively, Alt+G (Go To) > Create Voucher > Press Alt+F7 (Stock Journal).
  3. Under Source (Consumption), specify details of the stock items that you want to transfer.
    1. Select the stock item and the location from where you want to transfer.
    1. Specify the Quantity here. Rate and Amount are auto-filled from the stock item. You can alter these values, as needed.
  4. Under Destination (Production), specify details of the stock items.
  5. Select the stock item and the destination location. For inter-location transfers, select the same stock item as in the Source.
  6. Provide QuantityRate, or Amount, as needed.


4.      Print Godown/Location Address in Invoices in TallyPrime

In case of a sale, stock transfer, or manufacturing, the transporter needs to know the address of godowns where the materials need to be picked from and/or delivered to. If you have provided the address of the Godowns/Locations, you can print the source and destination godown addresses in the invoices. This helps in referring to the addresses in the invoice during stock transfers.

  1. Open the voucher > press Ctrl+P > press C (Configure) to see print configurations.
  2. Set the Show godown name and Show godown address options to Yes.
  3. Save the configurations and print. As always, you can use Ctrl + A to save.
    These configurations will be saved for the selected voucher type and the address will be printed on the vouchers.
Note: In case you do not see the godown address in the voucher, you need to enter the address in the Godown/Location. Refer to the F12 configurations for godowns.


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A sample of printed Sales Invoice with the godown address is shown below:


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