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  • Sanjay Satapathy’s e-Book “Payroll Management using TallyPrime 4.1” is a comprehensive guide for businesses looking to optimize their Payroll Accounting & Salary Processing using the powerful features of TallyPrime 4.1.
  • Whether you are a small Business Owner, an Accountant, or a Sales Professional, this e-book will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips to enhance your Payroll Management using TallyPrime 4.1.
  • This e-book is designed for Business Owners, Sales Professionals, and Accounting Staff who use TallyPrime to manage their Payroll Accounting & Salary Processing.
  • The e-book ” Payroll Management using TallyPrime 4.1″ is designed to help users of all skill levels, whether you are a beginner or an experienced Tally user.
  • The e-book is written in a clear and concise style and is easy to follow.
  • It is packed with Screenshots and Practical Examples with Solutions that help to make the concepts clear.
  • The e-book is also up-to-date with the latest features of TallyPrime 4.1.
  • A Businesses can simplify their Payroll processing and Accounting, Accurate Computation and Deduction of Statutory Payments such as Income Tax, ESI, EPF, NPS, Professional Tax, and Gratuity, Generate statutory forms and challans for Income Tax and EPF & ESI, as prescribed, Compute arrears of previous period(s), Track loan details of employees.
  • This e-Book serves as an invaluable resource for any business looking to take control of its Payroll Accounting & Salary processing.
  • Best suitable for Businessman, Students, Teachers & Executives.


Payroll Management

using   TallyPrime 4.1


Lesson 1: Enabling & Configuring Payroll in TallyPrime 4.1

1.1. Enabling Payroll in TallyPrime

Case Study Company (Practical Example)

Step – 1 : Company Setup

Step-2 : Enable Payroll with Statutory Details

Lesson 2: Creation of Payroll Masters in TallyPrime 4 .1

2.1. Employee Setup

2.2.1. Create Employee Category

2.2.2. Create Employee Group

2.2.3. Create Employee Master

(Practical Example)

2.2. Payroll Masters

2.2.1. Payroll Units

(Practical Example)

2.2.2. Attendance / Production Types

(Practical Example)

2.3. Pay Heads

2.3.1. Earning Pay Heads :

(Practical Example)

2.3.2. Deduction Pay Heads :

(Practical Example)

2.3.3. Gratuity Pay Head

(Practical Example)

2.4. Salary Details Setup

(Practical Example)

2.4.1. Salary Details Creation for the Employee Group

Lesson 3: Processing Payroll in TallyPrime 4.1

3.1. Attendance Vouchers

(Practical Example)

3.1.1. Attendance Voucher – Auto Fill

3.1.2. Attendance Voucher – Manual Entry

3.2. Payroll Vouchers

3.2.1. Cash Remittance

(Practical Example)

3.2.2. Bank Transfer

(Practical Example)

3.2.3 Payment of Salaries (Salary Disbursement)

(Practical Example)

Lesson 4: Accounting for Employer’s PF Contributions (Payroll) 

(Practical Example)

4.1 Creation of Employer PF Contribution Masters

4.1.1. Employer Contributions Pay Head

(Practical Example)

4.1.2. Employer PF Admin Charges

(Practical Example)

4.1.3. PF Payable Ledger

(Practical Example)

4.1.4. PF Admin Expenses Ledger

(Practical Example)

4.2. Salary Details Setup

4.2.1. Create / Alter Salary Details Master

(Practical Example)

4.3. Processing Employer PF Contribution

4.4. Processing PF Admin Expenses

4.5. Payment of Provident Fund

Step 1: Create PF Payment Voucher

Step 2: Print PF Combined Payment Challan

Lesson 5: Accounting for Employer ESI Contributions (Payroll) 

(Practical Example)

5.1. Creation of Employer ESI Contribution Masters

5.1.1. Create Employer ESI Contribution @ 4.75% Pay Head

5.1.2. Create ESI Payable Ledger

(Practical Example)

5.2. Salary Details Setup

i.  Create / Alter Salary Details Master

5.3. Attendance Voucher – Manual Entry

(Practical Example)

5.4. Processing Employer ESI Contribution

5.5. Payment of ESI

Step 1: Create ESI Payment Voucher

Step 2: Print ESI Payment Voucher

Lesson 6: Payment of Professional Tax (Payroll) 

(Practical Example)

Lesson 7: Tracking of Salary Advances / Loans (Payroll) 

7.1. Creation of Masters

(Practical Example)

i. Create ‘Salary Advance Ledger’

7.2. Modify / Alter Salary Details

7.3. Payment of Salary Advance

(Practical Example)

i. Create Payment Voucher

7.4. Recovery of Salary Advance

7.4.1. Attendance Voucher – Manual Entry

(Practical Example)

7.4.2. Create Payroll Voucher

Lesson 8: Accounting for Pay Revision & Arrears (Payroll) 

8.1 Salary Revision / Arrear Calculation for Prior Period

(Practical Example)

Step 1: Modify / Alter Salary Details

Step 2: Arrear Calculation Voucher

Step 3: Payment of Arrears

8.2 Salary Revision / Arrear Calculation for current Period

(Practical Example)

Step 1: Modify / Alter Salary Details of Ajay Mishra

Step 2: Record Attendance

Step 3: Process Payroll Voucher

Lesson 9: Processing Payroll for Contract Employees 

(Practical Example)

9.1. Create Employee Masters

9.1.1. Create Employee Group Master

9.1.2. Create Employee Master

9.2. Create Pay Heads

(Practical Example)

9.2.1. Create Basic Wages Pay Head

9.2.2. Create Local Conveyance Pay Head

9.2.3. Salary Details setup

9.3. Record Attendance Details

(Practical Example)

Step 1: Create Attendance Voucher

9.4. Process Payroll

(Practical Example)

9.4.1. Create Payroll Voucher

Lesson 10: Payroll Reports using TallyPrime 4.1

10.1. Payroll Reports

10.1.1. Single Pay Slip

10.1.2. Multi Pay Slips

10.1.3. Pay Sheet

10.1.4. Payroll Statement

10.1.5. Payment Advice

10.1.6. Payroll Register

10.1.7. Employee Pay Head Breakup

10.1.8. Pay Head Employee Breakup

10.1.9. Attendance Sheet

10.1.10. Attendance Register

10.2. Expat Reports for Passport Expiry, Visa Expiry, Contract Expiry

10.2.1. Passport Expiry Report

10.2.2. Visa Expiry Report

10.2.3. Contract Expiry Report

10.3. Payroll Statutory Reports

10.3.1. Payroll Statutory Summary Report

10.3.1 Provident Fund Reports

10.3.2 Employee’s State Insurance Reports

10.3.3 Professional Tax Reports

10.3.4. Gratuity Report

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Payroll Management using TallyPrime 4.1 (e-Book -PDF) DownloadPayroll Management using TallyPrime 4.1: [e-Book (PDF)-Download]
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