TallyPrime Assignment-19 [RECEIVED VOUCHER]

Receipt Voucher(F6)

Any money received from debtors against sales Invoices or on Account and for all transactions where money is received are accounted or entered into TallyPrime using the Receipt Voucher.

  • Go to Gateway of Tally > Vouchers.
  • Select F6: Receipt from the button bar or press

For example, if your company receives money from a customer for an earlier transaction say sales, and the same is passed through a Receipt Voucher:

Gateway of Tally > Vouchers > F6 : Receipt displays the Receipt Voucher.

Alternatively, press Alt+G (Go To) > Create Voucher > F6 (Receipt Vouchers)

Transactions :  On 30-04-2023, A Cheque of ₹ 5000 towards interest on Bank Deposit received and deposited in Axis Bank Ltd..

[100-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime]

[Practical Assignment]

Record the following Receipt Voucher both either in Cash or In Bank with date wise…

Sl. No. Date               Transactions

  1. 1/4/2023 Received Cash of Rs.10,000 against Loan Given to Mr.Clean

[101-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime]

  1. 8/4/2023 One Fixed Deposit in ICICI Bank is matured and received 75,000 and deposited  in ICICI Bank.

[102-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime]

  1. 12/4/2023 Received a Cheque of Rs. 50,00 against Investment Shares and deposited in Axis Bank Ltd.

[103-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime]

  1. 15/4/2023 Following cheque amount was collected from Sundry Debtor and Deposited in  Axis Bank Ltd.
Fashion Zone 10,000
Balasore Bazar 15,000
Oripol Indistries 12,000
Hari Plast Pvt; Ltd. 15,000

[104-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime]

  1. 18/4/2023 Received the following Interest and Debited to ICICI Bank.
Interest from Securities 2,000
Interest on Bank Deposits 1,500
Interest on Loans Given 800
Interest on Debentures 1,000
Interest charged to Customers 1,400

[105-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime]

  1. 20/4/2023 Received Cash from the following Parties
See also  TallyPrime Assignment-18 [SALE VOUCHER OF NIL-RATED, EXEMPTED ITEMS]
Fashion Zone 3,000
City Life 2,000
Balasore Bazar 4,000
Oripol Indistries 1,500
Hari Plast Pvt; Ltd. 1,200
Your’s Honda 1,000

[106-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime]

  1. 22/4/2023 Received Rs. 50,000 as a Loan from Father and deposited in Axis Bank Ltd.

[107-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime]

  1. 25/4/2023 Rs. 10,000 Received  in cash against Loan Given to Mr. Clean

[107-A-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime]

  1. 28/4/2023 Following Refund and Claim Receivable was received and Debited to ICICI Bank.
Claims  receivable 3,000
Insurance / Refunds Receivable 2,000

[108-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime]


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