Enter the Opening and Closing Stock Manually for Financial Report in TallyPrime 4

When a company wants to maintain inventory separately or when the stock reports in the system and godown are different, the opening and closing of stock are usually entered manually.

To do this in TallyPrime:

1. Disable the accounts and inventory integration option.

a. Press F11 (Features) > set the option Integrate Accounts with Inventory to No.

[269-Inventory Management using TallyPrime-4]

b. Accept the screen.

2. Create a Stock-in-Hand ledger and enter the opening stock amount.

a. Gateway of Tally > Create > Ledger.

b. Enter the Name (i.e. Stock) and select Stock-in-Hand in the Under field.

c. Enter the amount of stock in Opening Balance (say, Rs. 10,00,000) field as shown below:

[270-Inventory Management using TallyPrime-4]

d. Accept the screen. As always, you can press Ctrl+A to save.

3. For closing stock, open the Stock ledger in alteration mode, and specify the closing date and amount.

a. Gateway of Tally > Alter > Ledger > select the Stock ledger > and press Enter.

b. Enter the closing date and the amount of closing stock balance (say, Rs. 35,00,000 as on 31-Dec-2024 & Rs. 50,00,000 as on 31-Mar-2025) as shown below:

[271-Inventory Management using TallyPrime-4]

c. Accept the screen.

Now, you can view the opening and closing stock balance in Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account.

To view the Balance Sheet as on 31-Dec-2024, Gateway of Tally > Balance Sheet.

[272-Inventory Management using TallyPrime-4]

Similarly, the manually entered opening and closing stock balances will be displayed in the Profit & Loss Account.

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To view the same, go to Gateway of Tally > Profit & Loss A/c.

[273-Inventory Management using TallyPrime-4]

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