Sales Process of Goods and Services-TallyPrime-3 and Higher

‘Nil-Rated’ , ‘Exempted’, ‘Zero Rated’ & ‘ Non-GST’ Items & Goods using TallyPrime 4

With the introduction of GST, the goods and services have been classified into Nil Rated, Exempted, Zero Rated and Non-GST supplies. The Purchase or Sales of these goods to a local or interstate customer does not attract GST, and can be recorded using a Purchase / Sales voucher.  Let us take a look at what distinguishes each of them with some examples:

Supply GST Applicable Type of Supply Eligibility for ITC Examples
NIL Rated 0% Everyday items No Grains, Salt, Jaggery, etc.
Exempted Basis essentials No Bread, Fresh Fruits, Fresh Milk, Curd etc.
Non- GST Supplies for which GST is not applicable but can attract other taxes No Petrol, Alcohol etc.

In case of above Items and Goods , the option Nil Rated / Exempt has to be selected as the Taxability in the GST Details screen of the item or  item group master.

Setting Nil-Rated & Exempted items and Goods :

[24-Sales Process in TallyPrime-3 & Higher]

[Practical Assignment]

(Creation Nil or Exempted Items & Goods)

Swayam Sales deals the following Nil-Rated / Exempted Items and goods which purchased and sold in his business. Create the following Items as details given.

Name of Items Unit of Measurement Taxability of GST
Moong Dal (Unit is Kg. with Decimal 3) with Nil Rated GST
Salt (Unit is Kg. with Decimal 3) with Nil Rated GST
Bread ( Unit is Pcs.) with Exempt GST
Fruits ( Unit is Kg. with Decimal 3) with Exempt GST


Sold the following items in Cash which are Nil Rated and Exempted

Name of items Quantity Rate Value  
Moong Dal 50 Kg. 100 5000 (Nil Rated)
Salt 20 kg. 30 600 (Nil Rated)
Bread 48 Pcs. 25 1200 (Exempted)
Fruits 10 Kg. 125 1250 (Exempted)
See also  Ledger to Round-off the Invoice Value Automatically in Sale Invoice (TallyPrime 4)

Total:     8050

Sale Invoice of above goods are given below :

[24-A-Sales Process in TallyPrime-3 & Higher]

GST Details of the above invoice :

When you Press Press ALT+A to display GST-Tax Analysis Directly  [ OR Press Ctrl + O (Related Reports) and select GST – Tax Analysis from Additional Details] and Press Alt + F1 or Alt+F5 for Details…you will see the GST Analysis as below by default.

[24-B-Sales Process in TallyPrime-3 & Higher]

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