Optional Voucher in TallyPrime Accounting Software

This is another non-accounting voucher. However, it differs from the Memo voucher in that it is not a separate voucher type. You mark an existing voucher, (e.g., a payment voucher or a receipt voucher) as ‘Optional’. Press [CTRL]+[L] or click on the button. This button toggles with ‘Regular’. By marking it ‘Optional’ the voucher does not get posted anywhere but remains in the have the Optional Register.

Mark a Voucher type as Optional

Press Ctrl+L (Optional) to make the voucher as Optional Voucher.

You can make a voucher type default to ‘Optional’. This is done during creation of a new voucher type or alteration of an existing voucher type. (Gateway of TallyPrime > Accounts Info > Voucher Types).

To mark a voucher type as Optional

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Alter > Voucher Types 

2.    Select a voucher type.

3.    Set Make Optional as default to Yes.

4.    Press Ctrl+A to accept.

After enabling this option, any vouchers entered using this particular voucher type will be marked optional.


Use of optional vouchers

  • Mark a voucher Optional , when it is an incomplete transaction and you do not want it to affect the accounts. Once it is completed, modify the voucher and post it as a regular voucher. For example , optional sales invoice can be printed as a proforma invoice.
  • Optional vouchers can be used to forecast future sales. For example , create a new voucher type, say Sales Forecast. Record future sales projections using this voucher type.
  • Optional vouchers allow you to see the impact of transactions without actually posting them.
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View All Optional Vouchers Register

The list of optional vouchers can be viewed in the optional voucher register.

To view optional voucher register,

Gateway of Tally > Display More Reports > Exception Reports > Optional Vouchers.

Alternatively, Alt+G (Go to) > type or select Optional Vouchers> and press Enter

Note: Optional voucher can also be view from the Day Book .

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