Record Purchase of Services as Expenses in TallyPrime-3

Record Purchase of Services as Expenses in TallyPrime 4


  1. Open the purchase voucher screen and select the accounting invoice mode.
  2. Gateway of Tally > Vouchers > press F9 (Purchase).

Alternatively, press Alt+G (Go To) > Create Voucher > press F9 (Purchase).

  1. Press Ctrl+H (Change Mode) to select the required voucher mode (Accounting Invoice, in this case).
  2. Specify the supplier details.
  3. Supplier Invoice No. and Date: The invoice number and date should be the same as given in the corresponding sales bill.
  4. Party A/c name: Select the supplier ledger.
  5. Party Details: Enter the supplier’s name and address. Select the State in which the service was availed.
  6. Select the expense ledger and enter the amount.
  7. Select the ledger grouped under Indirect Expenses. Ensure the option Is GST applicable is set to No.
  8. Enter the total amount of taxable value and GST as the expense value. For example, enter Rs. 5,900 (taxable value of Rs. 5,000 + 18% GST of Rs. 900).

Record Purchase of Services as Expenses in TallyPrime-3

[17-1-Record Purchase of Services as Expenses in TallyPrime-3]

  1. Accept the screen. As usual, you can press Ctrl+A to accept.

Similarly, you can record purchase of goods.

This transaction will appear under Not relevant in this Return section of GSTR-3B.

[Practical Assignment]

[EXPENSES in PURCHASE VOUCHER [F9] – Accounting Invoice ( Ctrl+H)]

Sl. No. Date               Transactions

1.    5/4/2023 Purchase Printing & Stationary from Shree Enterprises of Rs.500 on Credit with GST (SGST 12.50 and CGST 12.50)

2.   10/5/2023 Paid the following Expenses with GST (SGST 360 and CGST 360) in cash from  Registered Business.

                        Telephone/Telex/Fax Charges (GST 18%)                   Rs. 2500

See also  Purchase Voucher with some Additional Charges/ Discount etc in TallyPrime 4

Electricity Bill ( GST 18%)                                            Rs. 1500

3.   15/6/2023 Paid Insurance Premium LIC a Registered  with GST by cheque of Axis Bank Ltd.  Rs. 5000 ( with SGST 450 and CGST 450)

4.   12/7/2023 Received a Bill from N. Jatania towards following Expenses with GST (CGST  2400 and SGST 2400).

Legal Expenses (GST 12%)                                          Rs.10,000

Professional Fees ( GST 18%)                                      Rs. 20,000

 5.   20/7/2023 Advertisement Expenses ( GST 12%) for Rs. 5000 raised by PD Advertising

 6.   10/8/2023 There is a Bank Charges ( GST 5%) of Rs. 200 raised by State Bank of India  (a registered organization)

7.    15/8/2023       Sales Promotion Expenses ( GST 18%) for the month of July 2023 incurred by Check of State Bank of India from a Registered organization for Rs.3000 with GST (SGST 270 and CGST 270)

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