Splitting Company Data in TallyPrime Accounting Software

This topic lists out the prerequisites for splitting company data and how to split company data based on financial years.

Before splitting the data, the user must ensure the following important points:

(A).        The company data is verified to ensure that no errors occur during splitting using the Verify Company Data option because Verify Company Data automatically detects possible errors in the data. You can manually correct them and then split the data.

(B)          Start the data verification process before splitting the data

1.            Gateway of Tally > Alt+Y (Data) > Split > Verify Data, to open the Verify Company Data screen.


2.            Select the required company, and press Enter to proceed.


If there are any errors, the List of Errors screen will appear, where you can correct the errors easily.


(C)        The Split from date is based on the existing data, and is considered as the beginning of the current financial year.

(D)          Once the company data is split, two separate companies will be created and opened, without any changes to the original data.

(E)          After the split, all the companies act as separate companies. You can make entries, display reports and, alter any data in these companies.

(F)           You can alter the names of the companies that are created as a result of splitting, if required

To Split the Company Data

1.            Gateway of Tally > Alt+Y (Data) > Split > Split Data, to open the Split Company Data screen.

2.            Select the required company from the List of Companies .

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3.            Enter the required date in the Split from field.

The Split Company Data screen appears as shown below:


4.            Press Enter to split the company data.

5.            Once the company data is split, two separate companies will be created, without affecting the original data.

If required, you can rename these companies, and also record entries or alter any data.

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