Day Book Report in TallyPrime in TallyPrime Accounting Software

The Day Book lists all transactions made in a particular day and by default displays the last voucher entry date of a regular voucher. It could also be set up to list all the transactions made over a certain period. Transactions include all financial vouchers, reversing and memorandum journals as well as inventory vouchers. 

In TallyPrime, the Day Book is by default displayed for the current date (as on the last date of voucher entry). However, you may specify the required period, as per your requirements.

To view the Day Book

1.            Go to Gateway of Tally Display More Reports Daybook . The Day Book will appear as shown below:


2.            Click Alt+F2: Period to change the period for which the Day Book is displayed.

3.            Click F4: Change Vouch to view Day Book for a particular voucher type.


4.            Select the required Voucher Type to display.

5.            Click Ctrl+H : Change View  to view the Post-dated Bank Transactions report for the specified period.


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