TallyPrime Assignment-9 [CREATING STOCK GROUP]

Creating a Stock Group

From this screen you can create a single stock group in the following manner :

  1. Gateway of TallyCreate > type or select Stock Group and press Enter.
    Alternatively, press Alt+(Go To) > Create Master > type or select Stock Group > and press Enter.
  2. Enter the name of the Group.
  3. Select the group under which this group will be classified.
  4. Accept the screen. As always, press Ctrl+Ato save.

[41-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime]

Taxability Type :

  • Select Taxable for goods and services that are classified as taxable type of supply under GST.
  • Select Exempt , if the type of supply is exempted from tax under GST, or
  • select Nil Rated , if the tax rate applicable to the type of supply is 0% under GST.

Press Ctrl+A to save.

Note: Category and Godown buttons are visible only if you opted for the same in F11: Features.

Modifying / Deleting a Single Stock Group

To display/alter a Stock Group

  • Gateway of TallyAlter > type or select Stock Group Name and press Enter to Alter.

Alternatively, press Alt+G (Go To) > Alter Master > type or select Stock Group Name and press Enter.

To delete a Stock Group

  • Press Alt+D andpress ( In Alternation mode screen of Ledger)

[42-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime]

Remember that the group should be empty, which means that no stock item is under this group.

[Practical Assignment]

Create the following Stock Groups without Statutory or GST Details:

[43-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime]






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