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TallyPrime 4.1 Book

[Covering 25 Chapters & 53 Assignments]

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  • 25 Chapters + 53 Practical Assignment with Updated Release-4.1
  • 340 Pages with A4 Size (Big) – Paperback Printing Book
  • All features are described with Practical Problems with Solutions
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  • Best suitable for Businessman, Students, Teachers, Institutes for Practical Lab Classes
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Paperback Printing Book

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Tutorial on TallyPrime

1-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime-Company Creation
TallyPrime Assignment-1 [COMPANY CREATION]
Create a New Company doing business of FMCG with following Information  … Swayam Sales & Co. is one...
e-Invoice Process in TallyPrime
View e-Invoice Reports and Registers in TallyPrime
The e-Invoice report is a one-stop shop for your e-invoicing needs in TallyPrime. You can view the e-invoice...
122-TallyPrime Book
Sale of Goods and Services in a Single Invoice with multiple GST Rate in TallyPrime
You can record the sales of both goods and services in the same invoice by selecting the required sales...
Sales Process of Goods and Services-TallyPrime-3 and Higher
Enable Item Rate (Inclusive of Tax) in Sale Invoice (TallyPrime 4)
When defining the price of the item you can include the tax rate. This inclusive Tax Rate can assign...
11-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime-Creating Stock Items - Products - Goods
Creation of Stock Items Stock items are goods that you manufacture or trade (sell and purchase). It is...
16-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime-Purchase Return - Debit Note Voucher
TallyPrime Assignment-16 [Purchase Return / Debit Note Voucher]
Purchase Return / Debit Note Voucher (Alt+F5) Debit Note is a document issued to a party stating that...
How to Download and Install TallyPrime-3 Edit Log
How to Download and Install TallyPrime 4 and Higher Edit Log
The process of downloading and installing TallyPrime Edit Log is similar to that for TallyPrime. Download...
67-TallyPrime Book
Creation of Ledger ‘Rounded off (+/-)’ for rounding the Invoice Value automatically in TallyPrime
 You can create a Ledger ‘Rounded off (+/-)’ to round-off the invoice value automatically.  1.           ...
e-Way Bill using TallyPrime Accounting Software
1. Setup e-Way Bill in TallyPrime TallyPrime supports the e-Way Bill JSON Preparation Tool, Version...
Interstate (Outside State) Purchase of Services in TallyPrime-3
Interstate (Outside State) Purchase of Services in TallyPrime 4
You can record an interstate purchase of services in TallyPrime, using a Purchase voucher in Accounting...
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