TallyPrime Assignment-3 [ACCOUNT GROUPS CREATION]

Account Groups in TallyPrime

At the highest level, accounts are classified into Capital or Revenue – and more specifically into Assets, Liabilities Income and Expenditure .

TallyPrime provides you with 28 Pre-defined Groups, of these 15 are Primary Groups and 13 are Sub-Groups . You can also create your own groups, either as Sub-groups or Primary Groups.

Out of the 15 Primary Groups, 9 Primary Groups appear in the Balance Sheets that are Capital in nature and 6 Primary Groups appear under Profit & Loss account which are Revenue in nature.

The lowest level would be the Ledger Account.  All Voucher entries are passed using ledgers.

TallyPrime has Pre-Defined Ledgers for Cash (under Cash-in-hand group) and for the Profit & Loss A/c (under primary group).

  • Select Groups from the Chart of Accounts and Press Enter to see the List of Groups as below :

[12-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime]

Create Account Groups (under Single Group) one-by-one:

  1. Gateway of Tally > Create > type or select Group and press Enter.

Alternatively, press Alt+G (Go To) > Create Master > type or select Group and press Enter.

  1. After giving Name to the Group, In the field Under , from the List of Groups displayed, select the parent group under which the group has to be classified.

For example, Manufacturing Expenses under Direct Expenses .

[13-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime]

A new group created under primary will not be reflected in reports until you pass masters / transactions for that group.

See also  TallyPrime Assignment-6 [CREATING GST LEDGERS-IGST/CGST/SGST)]

You can also View any Groups… 

Go to Gateway of Tally Chart of Accounts Groups Enter

You can also Alter / Modify any Groups …

Go to Gateway of Tally Alter Groups > Select or type Group Name and Press Enter to Alter

Delete a Created Group (No Default Group)

Groups can be deleted from the alteration screen, provided no transactions has been made or no sub-groups has been created .

Just Pres Alt+D in Alternation screen, and press Y.

[14-Practical Assignment-TallyPrime]

[Practical Assignment]

Create the following Accounts Groups with Normal Letter ( Italic Letters are Default Group)…

Sundry Creditor (pre-defined) :

Local Creditor

Outside Creditor (IGST)

Other Creditor


Loans (Liability) – (pre-defined):

Loans Received

Deposit Received

Advances Received

Bank Loans and Overdrafts


Provisions (pre-defined):

Expenses and Outstanding Payable

Creditor for Expenses:

Direct Expenses  (pre-defined):

Purchase Overheads

Trading Expenses



Investments – (pre-defined):

Investments in Securities


Sundry Debtors – (pre-defined):

Local Customer

Outside Customers (IGST)


Deposits ( Asset) – (pre-defined):

Deposits Given

Refunds / Claim Receivable


Loan & Advances (Asset)- (pre-defined):

Tax Advances

Loans Given

Advances Given

Indirect Expenses (pre-defined):

Salaries & Staff Expenses

Administrative Expenses

Marketing Expenses

Financial Expenses

Taxable Expenses

Expenses with GST Compliance


Indirect Income (pre-defined):

Other Income

Interest Earning


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